NJOY Kings Launch Party Coverage

The NJOY Kings, available in three flavors

Recently, I was invited by the folks over at NJOY to attend the launch party of the much anticipated NJOY Kings. Not only are the Kings much smaller than most e-cigarettes, they are also lighter, have a paper-like feel, and a soft filter.

The launch takes place this Thursday evening at the Jane hotel in Manhattan. Several high-profile guests are expected to be there, including Miss November of Playboy (Britney Nola). Expect live coverage of the event here on E-Cig Central, with photos, updates, and even a live video stream! I look forward to trying the Kings as well as provide realtime updates regarding the launch. I’m also planning on trying to do some interviews with some of the people over at NJOY to get some insight into the development process of the Kings.

Stay tuned for Thursday!!