Volcano V-Kit Deluxe Review

The Volcano e-cig  is a relative newcomer in the e-cigarette market. Created in Hawaii, the Volcano e-cig is an affordably priced e-cigarette, and is comparable in price to the blu cig. However, the Volcano e-cig is much more reliable than the blu cig, and creates larger amounts of vapor. The Volcano e-cig is available for purchase on the Volcano site here, or in-store at two locations in Hawaii currrently.
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Each V-Kit Deluxe comes with following items:

  • 2 V-Batteries
  • V-Pack
  • Atomizer
  • Wall Charger
  • USB Charger
  • 25 Cartridges in the strength and flavor of your choosing!

The Volcano batteries lasted me for a full day of regular vaping, with me using it about 10 times throughout the day, taking about 8 puffs per break. The e-cig fluid was pretty tasty, and having been a former menthol smoker, I enjoyed  their menthol flavored e-liquid the best. The Volano deluxe kit also came with a pack which recharges your Volcano e-cig on the go. This comes in handy if you’re a heavy vaper and want to keep your battery.

The Volcano e-cig produces a lot of vapor, and it creates a good throat hit.

The Volcano e-cig pack, great for on-the-go charging!

Shipping may take a long time for some, since the products are shipping from Hawaii rather than the continental USA. However, it shouldn’t take more than about a week to arrive at most destinations in the USA.

Overall, the Volcano e-cig is a quality e-cigarette available at a very affordable price. I would recommend this e-cigarette to those who are looking for a good e-cigarette to help them make the transition from cigarettes to e-cigs. The Volcano e-cig comes with a one year limited warranty. However, this warranty does not cover Volcano atomizers or cartomizers. From the Volcano’s warranty page:

Atomizers and Cartomizers: Due to the normal usage and limited life expectancy of atomizers and cartomizers, we offer no warranty on these items.

On the upside, Volcano atomizers are only $5.99 on the Volcano website, so they really aren’t too expensive.

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