White Cloud Cirrus 3X Starter Kit Review

The White Cloud Batteries and Some Cartridges

Manufactured by White Cloud, a U.S-based e-cigarette company, The Cirrus 3X Starter Kit is designed to be an all-encompassing e-cig solution. Coming with 3 battery sizes, a three pronged charger, 5 packs of e-cig cartridges (for a total of 25), and a two year warranty instead of the 6 month warranty on other White Cloud Kits.

Upon opening my White Cloud Kit, I noticed that the packaging was professional and the batteries shipped pre-charged, allowing me to use them right away. The batteries ranged from short to long (the shortest being close to a real cigarette in terms of size), and they provided long lasting vaping action. Between the three batteries, I was easily able to go an entire day without needing to recharge. I also received a three-pronged squid charger as an extra item, which came in really handy, as I tend to recharge multiple e-cigarettes at once during the night.

The White Cloud E-Cig Sizes

The cartridges lasted quite a long time (I got about 15-17 cigarettes worth per cart), and after going through 10 cartridges I have yet to have one fail on me. White Cloud offers several e-cig flavors including:

  • Menthol: The menthol was nice and icy cool. It provided a strong throat hit for a menthol flavor, and left a nice aftertaste.
  • Kick: Kick was a spicy flavored e-liquid, and it reminded me a lot of cinnamon hearts. The throat hit with this one was very strong (which some people may not enjoy), and it left a pleasant spicy aftertaste in my mouth afterwards.
  • Regular: This is a straight tobacco flavor, and reminds me quite a bit of Marlboro Reds.
  • Moscow Mule: Another tobacco flavor, Moscow Mule was stronger tasting than Regular, and was more on par with unfiltered Lucky Strikes.
  • Snap: This flavor was a very minty, and it reminded me a bit of Marlboro Skylines, a mint flavored cigarette.
  • The Lime & Coconut: This flavor tasted quite a bit of lime, and had a coconut aftertaste. The Lime & Coconut had a medium throat hit, and was my favorite flavor of the group.

The Optional Squid Charger

Overall, the White Cloud Cirrus Starter Kit is a great starter kit, and serves as a great total vaporization package. The three batteries provide an all day vaping experience, and the flavors offered were unique and tasty. The extended two year warranty also provides peace of mind when it comes to anything going wrong. You can purchase this starter kit here on White Cloud.

4.2 / 5 stars