Vapourlites VL4 E-Cig Review

The VL4 and Included USB Charger

The VL4 and Included USB Charger

Earlier this month, I reviewed the Vapourlites VL5 Disposable E-Cig, and as promised I’m following up with a review of the Vapourlites VL4 rechargeable e-cig. Available in two flavors (tobacco and menthol), the VL4 is rechargeable and uses a long lasting cartridge system.

After unpacking my VL4, I first noticed its construction. I found it to be both longer and heavier than the VL5 as well as lacking a soft filter. However, as a rechargeable e-cig it is normal to be slightly longer in order to ensure a better battery life. In fact, the battery on the VL5 lasted for quite a long time, and I was usually able to go a day and a bit of heavy vaping (three days of light vaping) before needing to recharge the battery for 3-4 hours. In my month and a half of use with the battery, I haven’t run into any problems with loss of battery life or the battery failing.

The cartridges lasted a fairly long time, and I estimate that I was able to get about 20-25 cigarettes worth of puffs before the cartridges would run out. Although it wasn’t as much as listed on the Vapourlites website, it was around the average mark for a rechargeable e-cig of this size. All the cartridges I received worked well and I didn’t have any die prematurely on me. Both flavors were also very tasty and produced large vapor clouds. I found the flavors had a nice balance between throat hit and thick vapor without being too overpowering.┬áThe tobacco cartridge has a fairly smooth taste to it, and it reminded my quite a bit of camel cigarettes. On the other hand, the menthol was very tasty and gave me a refreshing aftertaste and the flavor reminded me quite a bit of a strong menthol cigarette, without much of a tobacco taste.

Overall, I find the Vapourlites VL4 to be a solid and affordably priced rechargeable electronic cigarette. If you’re looking for a rechargeable e-cig with good vapor production, I suggest trying out the VL4!