Joye eGo-T (Tank) Review

After getting home this afternoon, I was greeted by another package from the folks over at Unsmoke. This time I received more delicious e-liquid flavors along with a Joye eGo-T e-cig! After spending the majority of the day playing around with it, I’ve decided to write my thoughts on it so far.

The eGo-T atomizer and tank cartridge

One of my complaints with most e-cigarettes that I’ve used is the issue of having to constantly refill the devices with e-liquid. E-Cigarette models such as the M401 can only hold about 10-12 puffs worth of e-liquid via direct dripping on to the atomizer, and slightly more if you use a cartridge. The Joye Ego-T however uses a tank system (a tank atomizer and cartridge) in order to store e-liquid, which solves this problem. Ego-T tanks are clear and quite easy to fill, holding 1.1mL of the e-liquid of your choice. The tank’s design ensures that no e-liquid leaks, and I haven’t had any problems with the atomizer getting flooded with too much e-liquid.

The eGo-T atomizer is much larger than the Joye510’s

The Joye eGo-T atomizer is quite impressive, and produces much more vapor than my M401 or Joye510 e-cigs. It has a recessed design (similar to the Joye 510), and uses a wick to draw liquid from the tank into the atomizer. Paired with the Joye eGo-T 650mAH battery (available here from MadVapes), the eGo-T atomizer not only produces a lot of vapor, but it also lasts quite a long time. Most people are able to get a full two days of standard vaping using this battery, sometimes even more! What is even better though is that the eGo-T is also compatible with standard Joye510 batteries. This is great if you happen to have some spare 510 batteries laying around and just want to purchase an eGo atomizer. However, the battery life will only last about a day of regular vaping, sometimes less (due to the lower mAH). The eGo atomizer feels very sturdy and is made of metal.

The eGo-T is compatible with standard Joye510 batteries!

The eGo-T also allows you to easily switch cartridges holding different types of e-liquid. I find I like to have two different full cartridges on any given day in order to mix things up a little bit.

Overall, the Joye eGo-T is an excellent e-cigarette. It is a little larger compared to e-cig models such as the M401 or Joye 510, but it produces a large amount of vapor, and there is no need to worry about refilling carts!


  • Produces substantial amounts of vapor
  • Battery lasts a long time on a single charge


  • Can’t change e-liquids easily unless you have multiple carts (or empty your current cart)

The eGo-T is available at Madvapes here.

3.7 / 5 stars