Greensmoke Starter Kit Review

The Green Smoke e-cigarette is a popular brand of  electronic cigarette on the market today.  I purchased a Starter Kit from the Green Smoke website not too long ago, which is what I will be reviewing today. Other kits have different accessories that come with them, so make sure to browse through the site in order to find the kit that best suits you.

GreenSmoke Starter Kit With Tobacco Gold Flavor

Upon receiving my starter kit, I found the following items inside:

  • Short lithium ion rechargeable battery with green tip and red LED
  • Long lithium ion rechargeable electric cigarette battery with green tip and red LED
  • Home Charger Kit
  • 5 Greensmoke nicotine cartridges
  • Greensmoke electric cigarette manual

The kit came with 5 different nicotine cartridges, which came in the following flavors and strengths:

  • 1 Red Label 12mg Nicotine
  • 1 Menthol Ice 12mg Nicotine
  • 1 Vanilla Dreams 6mg Nicotine
  • 2 Absolute Tobacco 18mg Nicotine

According to the Greensmoke manufacturers, each nicotine cartridge is worth an entire pack of cigarettes,  however I find this claim to be a little high. In my experience I got about 3/4 of a pack worth of cigarettes per cartridge. Cartridges are available on the Greensmoke website here for $14.95. The cost of the 5 cartridges is only a little more expensive than a single pack of cigarettes in my area, making Greensmoke much more economical to smoke than regular cigarettes. Since I also use snus, I liked using the higher nicotine cartridges as I found they gave me more of a buzz. Some people like to start with the higher nicotine cartridges, and then gradually reduce their usage to the lower strength cartridges. The flavors were also quite good, and having smoked menthol cigarettes in the past, I really enjoyed the menthol flavor.

Since the Greensmoke e-cig produces only a vapor, I no longer had to smell any offensive smelling smoke (and neither did anyone else around me). I also had no problems brining it into bars or other public areas where regular smoking is prohibited.My  starter kit also came with a USB charging kit, which included an adapter to plug the Greensmoke e-cigarette into a wall plug. I found the USB kit to be quite handy, since I’m generally pretty close to a PC throughout the day. I especially like being able to charge my e-cigarette via a USB port on my laptop while I’m on the go.

The Greensmoke atomizer produces quite a bit of vapor, and I felt a good throat hit while testing the Greensmoke. My batteries were able to last all day under medium usage (I took about 8 puffs on it 6-7 times per day), which allowed me to go the entire day on a single charge. The starter kit also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee along with a 1 year limited warranty. This gives me peace of mind, as e-cigarettes are still a new technology that have not been completely perfected yet. If anything goes wrong with a part in my kit, I can simply contact Greensmoke to get a replacement.

Greensmoke replacement cartridges

Overall, the Greensmoke is a great e-cigarette which produces a lot of vapor and can last all day under medium use conditions. The only downside to the Greensmoke in comparison to the Blu cig is price. The Greensmoke e-cigarette is a pricier than the Blu cig, however it does produce more vapor than the Blu, and has great customer support should anything go wrong. Green Smoke e-cigarettes tend to go on sale occasionally, so be sure to checkout the e-cigarette coupon page in order to snag a better deal.

4.5 / 5 stars