510 E-Cigarette Smart PCC Review

Because of its convenient size and great vapor production, I’m a big fan of the Joye 510 e-cigarette. However, the small form factor of 510 batteries does come at the price of shorter battery life. For a

The 510 Smart PCC

heavy vaper like me, a 510 battery will last about 3/4 of a day before needing to be recharged. Since I’m not always near an outlet, I need to swap batteries and wait until I get home to recharge my dead battery.

Not too long ago, I discovered the Madvapes 510 Smart PCC, and decided to order one for myself. Resembling a real cigarette pack in size and shape, The Smart PCC is a storage kit for your 510 e-cigarettes, and has space for two standard 510 batteries (either manual or automatic!) and up to six atomizers or cartomizers. In addition to its use as a storage tool, the PCC contains a 1400 mAH battery designed to recharge your 510 battery while its in the pack!

The PCC makes use of a smart switch which automatically shuts the charger off when a battery is charged, saving power while at the same time ensuring that your e-cig battery doesn’t overcharge. The battery inside is charged via a standard USB cable which you plug in to the bottom of the pack. In my experience, the pack can charge about 4-6 standard 510 batteries before needing to be recharged itself.

The 510 Smart PCC Open

The pack has a digital indicator to let you know how much battery life is left, which comes in really handy. In addition to this, there is an indicator light which lets you know the charge status of your e-cigarette battery. In my experience, batteries take about three hours to go from dead to fully charged inside this pack.

Despite being an excellent product, the 510 Smart PCC does have a few flaws. Firstly, the pack charges the battery when its closed by having the top of the pack push the battery into the charging slot. Some of my batteries have been a little to small to be properly pushed down by the pack.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved with a simple workaround. Simply put a folder piece of paper in the top of the pack, or stick a small felt bumper (like the ones used on the bottom of chairs) to ensure the battery contacts the charger. I used this method, and my batteries have charged great! Secondly, my Bauway 2.0 ohm atomizers are a little smaller than the

Easily Recharge The Pack Via USB!

holder, and sometimes they come out of their place and move around the pack. I haven’t found a workaround to this yet, but so far it hasn’t caused me any major problems.

Overall, the Madvapes 510 Smart PCC is an excellent product for the money. It looks like a real cigarette pack and is of a solid design. I highly recommend this pack to those who are fans of the 510 model e-cigarette but need better battery life!

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