E-Cig Reviews List

 This page is a list of all the e-cigarettes that I have reviewed so far. Brands that don’t yet have a review will link to the homepage of the manufacturer’s respective site.. I am working on getting a few more e-cigarettes to review, but in the meantime I will post up what I have so far.

E-Cig Reviews List

Higher end ($100+ USD per starter kit)

These brands are a little more costly than others, but they are generally of high quality.

Midrange ($32.00-$100.00 USD)

These e-cig models are generally more affordable than the higher end models, and can produce quite a bit of vapor.  However, be sure to read the reviews are some models do have different issues. The Joye eGo-T is a good e-cigarette brand in this price range, along with the V2 Cig.

Entry Level ($20.00-30.00 USD)

These brands of e-cigarette are perfect for those on a budget, or who are seeking to try an e-cigarette with only a small investment.

E-Cigarette Mods

These brands are modified e-cigarettes, either with refillable e-liquid tanks, or atomizer and battery mods.


How an Electronic Cigarette Works (Click for larger image)