Smok Tech e-Power Electronic Cigarette

The e-Power electronic cigarette is a new player in the e-cigarette market today. Similar in resemblance to a Joye eGo, the e-Power e-cig uses Joye 510 compatible atomizers or cartomizers, which have proven to be

The e-Power e-cig

some of the best atomizers on the market in terms of vapor production. The e-Power has a slightly larger diameter than the eGo, and the cone on the e-Power is not compatible with eGo cones.

the e-Power e-cigarette runs at 3.7 volts and has the ability to power atomizers and cartomizers ranging from 2.0 ohms and up, allowing you to choose which atomizer resistance works best for your vaping. The large, replaceable battery in the ePower has a 1050mAH capacity, and provides a continuous source of power for the entire day. It takes between two and four hours to fully charge an e-Power battery.

The e-Power replaceable battery e-cig kit is available from Madvapes for approximately $45 USD.

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