Joyetech Releases Joye eGo-C

The Joye eGo-C Atomizer (separated)

I’ve recently learned that the e-Cigarette manufaturer Joyetech has recently released a new e-cigarette model called the Joye eGo-C. It uses a standard eGo battery, but from what I understand,¬†the eGo-C’s atomizer uses a newly developed technology which separates the atomizer into two parts, the base and cover. The base of the eGo-C atomizer is designed to be easily unscrewed for easy washing or replacing.

I think that the new eGo-C will be a welcome improvement over the existing eGo-T. Many eGo-T atomizers (including some of mine) have had clogging issues, and it is very tough to clean them without being able to remove the atomizer from within the assembly. Replacements are also cheaper, since you only need to replace a small piece of the atomizer.


The new eGo-C is also compatible with both the eGo as well as the eGo-T. Stay tuned for a review here on E-Cig Central within the next few weeks!