E-Cigarettes in Cold Weather

I live in Montreal, Canada, which can get pretty cold here in the winter (think -30C with windchill!). As a result, my vaping experience changes when I’m outside in colder weather versus the warmer seasons. As a result, I’ve put together a little guide here to illustrate how various models of e-cigarettes have performed in different operating temperatures At 0C (32F) and below. In my year and a half experience of vaping, these results to be quite consistent across various e-cigarette brands that I’ve tried.

0C to 5C (32F-41F):

All e-cigarettes performed normally at 0C and above. However, with vapor condensation the clouds of vapor are larger than they would be at normal temperature.

-1C to -5C (30.2F-23F):

Vapor condensation generally increases, Initial puffs at this temperature are strong, but vapor hits quickly become weaker as the e-cigarette cools down with its surroundings.

-5C to -12C (23F-10.4F):

E-Cigarettes become difficult to use, providing relatively mild throat hits until a throat hit sensation is no longer noticeable. You may be able to get a few puffs in this weather, but not much at all.

-12C+ (10.4F and colder):

At these temperatures, vaping becomes nearly impossible. Due to the cold, your atomizer will have a difficult time warming up and will produce a very weak vapor. Additionally, the cold makes it hard to hold the e-cigarette for any period of time. At this temperature, its much better to simply hold off on vaping until you get indoors.

Feel free to leave comments regarding your use of e-cigarettes in cold weather!