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NJOY Kings Launch Party Coverage

The NJOY Kings, available in three flavors

Recently, I was invited by the folks over at NJOY to attend the launch party of the much anticipated NJOY Kings. Not only are the Kings much smaller than most e-cigarettes, they are also lighter, have a paper-like feel, and a soft filter.

The launch takes place this Thursday evening at the Jane hotel in Manhattan. Several high-profile guests are expected to be there, including Miss November of Playboy (Britney Nola). Expect live coverage of the event here on E-Cig Central, with photos, updates, and even a live video stream! I look forward to trying the Kings as well as provide realtime updates regarding the launch. I’m also planning on trying to do some interviews with some of the people over at NJOY to get some insight into the development process of the Kings.

Stay tuned for Thursday!!

Site Changes, New Reviews Coming Soon!

It has been almost a year now since I began E-Cig Central (site went live on Dec 25th, 2010), and my what a year it has been! Since I began running the blog, I’ve had the opportunity to try a wide array of e-cigarettes and e-liquids from a number of different vendors. I have noticed that as time goes on, e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly affordable, while at the same time quality has been getting much better. In order to continue being able

My New Canon Camera for Review Pictures!

to provide the highest quality e-cigarette reviews on the internet, I have decided to invest in a much better camera than my current one. Until recently, I have been taking photos with my 2MP Google Nexus One smartphone camera. From now on, I will be taking higher quality photos of e-cigarettes using a Canon dSLR camera and a better lightbox setup. Using this new camera, I will be re-taking a number of photos and inserting them in existing reviews in order for you to see products in greater detail before making a purchase decision.

In addition, I have decided to formally brand the site as E-Cig Central, as reflected in the new site header. There has been more readers sharing their opinions from comments, and I have been looking into creating a discussion forum for everyone to share their opinions on various e-cigarette models, retailers, and new developments in the e-cigarette world. I have also setup a Twitter page here so people can stay up to date with the latest e-cigarette developments.

Finally, stay tuned for the next few weeks, as I will be releasing reviews for the Vapor4Life e-cigarette, as well as the Crown7 LXE kit. I’m also hoping to get my hands on one of the new SouthBeachSmoke Super Max batteries (which run at 4.2v) to see how they are.

If you have any suggestions for E-Cig Central, please let me know either via our contact form or in this post’s comments. I love hearing feedback on how I can provide quality content to readers of E-Cig Central!


New Forums, New Reviews Coming Soon!

After taking a rather lengthy break from posting updates here due to personal affairs, I’m back with a vengeance! After giving the idea much consideration, I have decided to start an E-Cigarette Forum for readers here on the E-Cig Reviews Blog. I feel that with a forum, members of this blog will be better able to share their thoughts and experiences with e-cigarettes, as well as post cool tips and tricks relating to e-cigs. I also have an e-liquid section for those interested in trying new brands.

In other news, the kind folks over at V2 Cigs sent me a whole array of their products and e-liquid to review here on the blog. After having used V2′s products extensively for about a month now, I will be posting my reviews of their stuff during all this week, including reviews of their e-liquid flavors and a review of the V2 Cigs Deluxe Kit. Keep checking back for more updates!
Happy Vaping!

New Theme for Site

Since I started this e-cigarette reviews blog, I’ve received quite a bit of hits and have decided to create a new theme for the site. This new theme should be easier to navigate, which will allow everyone to access the site’s content easier. Be sure to keep checking back, as I will be working on adding new reviews within the next week or so!

Happy Vaping!

FDA looks to regulate tobacco products but not electronic cigarettes

I just found this article on the LA Times website which was published earlier this morning. I think rather than ban e-cigarettes, an emphasis should be placed on their quality control and regulation. E-cigarette retailers such as Green Smoke and e-liquid makers like Johnson Creek Smoke Juice offer quality products, and are based out of the United States. Banning electronic cigarettes would simply create an unregulated black market for the devices. This market would be more than likely filled with faulty devices and bad e-liquid. With newly emerging e-cigarette companies, I believe that it makes much more sense to regulate than legislate agaisnt these devices.

By late March, tobacco companies will have to reveal to the Food and Drug Administration what sorts of new additives they’ve recently put in their products. But the ruling doesn’t apply to electronic cigarettes, whose makers are locked in legal battle with the FDA.

Meanwhile, the e-cigs are starting to gain a pop-culture foothold – in the fall film “The Tourist,” actor Johnny Depp extols the devices’ virtues to Angelina Jolie, and Katherine Heigl showed up recently on the “Late Show with David Letterman” smoking the e-cigarette indoors. “Bet I’m freaking you all out right now, huh?” she asked the audience as she took a drag.

Manufacturers say electronic cigarettes, which deliver a spray of nicotine, do not fill lungs with tar, stain teeth or smell. They can deliver a heavy or light dose of nicotine, proponents say. They can be legally smoked indoors in public venues. Some argue they might be used as an alternative to the patch or nicotine gum as a way to quit smoking altogether.

No one yet knows if e-cigarettes are more or less effective than, say, gums or patches, because they haven’t been independently scientifically tested for this, some experts say. And some studies show the electronic cigarettes don’t deliver any significant amount of nicotine to a person’s bloodstream. 

In a Q&A, the Food and Drug Administration makes its concerns clear: 

“When FDA conducted limited laboratory studies of certain samples, FDA found significant quality issues that indicate that quality control processes used to manufacture these products are substandard or non-existent. FDA found that cartridges labeled as containing no nicotine contained nicotine and that three different electronic cigarette cartridges with the same label emitted a markedly different amount of nicotine with each puff.”

Meanwhile, even though the FDA has warned that many such cigarettes do contain dangerous chemicals, an appeals court recently ruled that the devices should be treated like other tobacco products.

E-Cigarette Coupons and Health Info pages added

Just wanted to post a quick update on the status of the blog. In the past few days I’ve added an e-cigarette coupon page to in order for people to browse for any available discount codes that might come up for various e-cig retailers. I have also added a health information page, where I will be posting any new and relevant information relating to the safety of e-cigarettes. I’m also planning on keeping up to date with current e-cig news and developments, so be sure to check back constantly for new information relating to e-cigarettes.

Have a great (and cigarette free) New Year!

-James M.

The Luci e-cig, with large and small battery.

Welcome to E-Cig Reviews

E-Cig Reviews is a blog dedidcated to providing information and reviews of increasingly popular e-cigarette devices. The blog also provides quality e-cigarette reviews of products such as the Blu e-cig and the Greensmoke e-cigarettes. Be sure to stay tuned, as new content is being added all the time!

The Blu e-cig, a popular brand of electronic cigarette.