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GreenSmoke FlavorMax Cartomizer Reviews

Not too long ago, I received the full line of GreenSmoke FlavorMax e-cigarette cartomizers in order to review here on E-Cig Central. I decided to compile all my reviews into a single post for convenience. For those of you who are unaware, GreenSmoke recently unveiled their new line of cartomizers known as FlavorMax, which is intended to replace their old cartridge model. These new cartridges are slightly larger than standard e-cig cartridges but produce 25% more vapor than the older variety. So far in my experience, these new FlavorMax cartridges last longer than other cartridges that I have used, while providing a substantial amount of flavor and vapor at the same time.

GreenSmoke Starter Kit With Tobacco Gold Flavor

Tobacco Gold

Tobacco Gold is GreenSmoke’s newest flavor. It is made up of a blend of virginia, burley, and oriental tobacco essence, which creates a very rich flavor which reminds me a bit of a nice blend of pipe tobacco. It has a nice throat hit, and produces a thick cloud of vapor every time. As someone who enjoys pipes from time to time, Tobacco Gold is my favorite GreenSmoke flavor, and I highly recommend it to those who enjoy a deliciously rich tobacco flavor.

Absolute Tobacco

The Red label tobacco flavor is another tobacco flavored cartridge with a strong tobacco flavor. It is not as complex as the tobacco gold flavor, and the taste reminds me of cigarettes with a slight aftertaste of sweetness. This flavor is great for those who are transitioning from cigarettes to e-cigs.

Menthol Ice

Menthol Ice is a menthol flavored cartridge, which should taste of cool menthol. When I used to smoke cigarettes, I was a menthol smoker so I tend to be picky when it comes to using menthol flavors in my e-cigarette. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of this one. The menthol his wasn’t very strong, and I was constantly left with a floral aftertaste which I wasn’t a big fan of.

Mocha Mist

Mocha mist is a coffee flavored e-liquid produced by GreenSmoke. As a big fan of coffee, I really enjoyed this flavor. It was quite smooth, with an aftertaste of coffee beans. I found that having my morning coffee while enjoying mocha mist was a really enjoyable experience. If you’re a coffee drinker, I recommend trying this brand at least once.

Vanilla Dreams

The Vanilla Dreams flavor is a pretty tasty vanilla one. Usually vanilla flavored e-liquids irritate my throat a bit, but I had no issues with this one (it was quite smooth!). With its sweet taste, Vanilla Dreams makes for a great after-dinner flavor to vape.


Unsmoke Chocolate Mint Chip E-Liquid Review

A little while ago, the folks over at Unsmoke sent me a batch of e-liquid samples to try. One of these e-liquids was another Unsmoke custom creation, Chocolate Mint Chip. My sample consisted of a pure PG mix, and was medium strength at 18mg of nicotine. What is great about Unsmoke’s e-liquid is that they allow you to customize nicotine levels along with VG and PG ratios, which gives you the ability you to adjust a flavor to your exact specifications.

Upon trying some Chocolate Mint Chip in a standard Joye510 e-cig, I was greeted with a great throat hit and pleasant amounts of vapor. The flavor had a predominant minty taste with a delicious hint of chocolate. I found that this flavor combination very much reminded me of the taste of an Aero Mint chocolate bar.

A very tasty e-liquid indeed!

For those of you who love mint chocolates, I highly recommend giving this flavor a try, as it will not disappoint!

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Unsmoke Cool E-Liquid Review

The folks over at Unsmoke sent me a few of their brands of e-liquid to review, including Cool, a menthol flavored e-liquid which caught my eye. My sample contained a 50-50 mix of PG and VG, and had a nicotine content of 18mg, making it a medium-strong blend. What is really nice is that Unsmoke allows you to customize nicotine levels along with VG and PG ratios, which allows you to modify a flavor to exactly how you want it. In my experience, a 50-50 mix of PG & VG creates a large amount of vapor (especially in my Joye eGo-T), while at the same time still giving you a good throat hit.

Unsmoke Cool e-Liquid

After filling my eGo tank with some Cool, I took a puff and was immediately greeted with a strong, clean taste of menthol. I’m a big fan of menthol, and when I used to smoke my favorite brand was Camel Crush because I found that it had a strong menthol taste that left a nice aftertaste. Unsmoke’s Cool very much reminds me of the flavor and aftertaste of Crush. However, instead of coughing and wheezing after smoking, I was breathing perfectly clear and had a nice nicotine buzz. The weather has been terrible here lately, so its really nice being able to vape while working on a paper in the library and never have to step outside to smoke!

For those of you who enjoy a strong menthol taste, I highly recommend giving Cool a try. I plan on ordering this in a larger quantity at a lower nicotine level in order to vape this continuously over the course of the day!

Tastes similar to:

  • Camel Crush
  • Kool
  • Newports
  • Marlboro Menthol

Unsmoke Blue Raspberry E-Liquid Review

Along with a Joye 510 e-cig, the folks over at Unsmoke have sent me various samples of their e-liquid lineup in order to review. After spending the past week or so sampling the flavors in both my 510 and M401 e-cigarettes, I have decided to go ahead and review Unsmoke’s Blue Razz e-liquid.  Photos of the e-liquid will be posted tonight once I upload them from my digital camera!

My sample of Blu Razz e-liquid came with 18mg of nicotine per ml, giving it a medium to high nicotine content. Personally, I find 18mg of nicotine to be a perfect balance. There is just enough nicotine present for me to get a nice buzz, yet at the same time I can use it fairly constantly without feeling like I’ve had too much. However for those of you who prefer a different strength, Unsmoke offers concentrations varying between 0mg and 28mg.

After putting a few drops of the e-liquid on to my 510 e-cig atomizer,  I proceeded to take a few puffs. The flavor was quite sweet, and it strongly reminded me of blue raspberry flavored Jolly Rancher candies, which was delicious. The Blue Razz e-liquid mix that I received contained a 50-50 mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycol (which produces the vapor found in e-cigs). In an e-cigarette, propylene glycol tends to create less smoke but has more of a throat hit, whereas vegetable glycol tends to produce more vapor but with less of a throat hit. I find that the 50-50 produces a significant amount of vapor over a propylene glycol only e-liquid, while at the same time producing a satisfying throat hit. With this e-liquid, I was able to create large, thick vapor rings.

Unsmoke’s Blue Razz e-liquid is a tasty e-liquid which strongly reminds me of a Jolly Rancher candy. It is one of my favorite brands of e-liquid, and if you’re a fan of blue raspberry flavored candy, I highly recommend giving this e-liquid a try!