E-Cig Videos

How-To: Clean a 510 E-Cig Atomizer

The following video demonstrates how to clean your 510 e-cigarette atomizer using denatured alcohol. Cleaning your atomizer will improve its lifespan along with vapor production, and I recommend cleaning your e-cigarette atomizer at least once every week if you’re a heavy vaper.

I’ve also heard that soaking your e-cig atomizer in coca-cola supposedly keeps it clean as well, but I have yet to try that method. If you know of any other good ways to clean your e-cigarette atomizer, be sure to share your tips in the comments section of this page!

E-Cigarette Featured in Popular TV Show The Doctors

Below is a clip of an e-cigarette making the top 10 list for best health products of 2009. With mounting evidence suggesting that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, I look forward to seeing many studies emerge which confirm that smoking electronic cigarettes is much less harmful than cigarette smoking.

Johnny Depp Smoking an E-Cigarette in the Tourist

It looks like e-cigarettes are starting to explode in popularity and are being brought to mainstream attention. The movie The Tourist starring (Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie) is the first Hollywood blockbuster to showcase these new devices, with Depp smoking an e-cig on film. Hopefully it will bring increased awareness about e-cigarettes and their positive benefits. Depp is smoking on a train without bothering anyone, since e-cigarettes don’t emit any offensive smelling smoke. Now thats cool!

I believe that Johnny Depp is smoking a Green Smoke e-cigarette in the film, but I could be mistaken.

Katherine Heigl Smokes an E-Cigarette on Letterman Show

E-cigarettes are growing in popularity, with many stars such as Katherine Heigl and Johnny Depp smoking them. Below is a video of Katherine Heigl smoking an e-cigarette on David Leterrman’s show.