E-Cig Mods

REO Mini E-Cigarette

The REO Mini mod is a new mechanical e-cigarette that boasts a no wire design. It uses 510, 801, 901, or-306 Atomizers or Cartomizers to feed it, and has a 3ml bottle that holds your ejuice liquid .

The advantage of using an REO Mini is that unlike regular e-cigarettes, it can hold a lot of e-liquid, therefore allowing you to avoid having to replace cartridges all the time. This new design (along with its sleek look and form factor) is what has been causing it to become so popular. I’m not too sure how good the vapor production is on it as I’ve yet to try it. If you’ve given the REO Mini a try, let me know what you think of it through the comments section of this page!

The REO Grande and REO Mini e-cigarettes

Below is a tutorial video on how to use the REO Mini from the creator’s website, where you can also buy an REO Mini.

How to Manual Drip with an M401 E-Cigarette

In order to save money on the cost of e-cigarette cartridges, many people (myself included) prefer to use what is known as the “drip method” of refilling e-cigarettes. The drip method involves dripping e-cigarette fluid directly on to the atomizer of your electronic cigarette, rather than replacing the cartridge. The advantage to using this method over replacing cartridges is that purchasing e-cig liquid in bulk can be much cheaper than buying the cartridges. However, you do run the risk of clogging up your atomizer (which can lead to atomizer problems) if you aren’t careful.

The guide will take you step by step through how to drip e-cig fluid on to your M401 atomizer. Using the drip method is one of the more basic e-cig mods you can do. It is highly recommended that you wear a pair of latex gloves to prevent getting e-cigarette fluid on your hands. This fluid contains nicotine, which can be absorbed through your skin.

My M401 e-cigarette with e-cig fluid

Once you have your M401 and some e-cig liquid nearby, it is now time to remove the existing M401 e-cigarette cartridge (its the brown part of the M401).  Just pull it off like the top of a marker, it should remove easily.  The photo below shows the section of the atomizer that you are going to want to drip your e-cigarette fluid on to.

Where the e-cigarette fluid must be placed

Holding the m401 e-cigarette with the LED facing the ground and the atomizer upwards, drip 1 drop of your e-cigarette fluid on to the atomizer. Let it soak in for a moment, and then put your cartridge back on. There is no need to replace the cartridge with a new one if it is dry, since the atomizer has already been coated with e-cig fluid. Repeat these steps whenever you feel that your M401 vapor production is starting to diminish.

My atomizer after dripping

This mod is one of many e-cigarette mods that can be performed, and it is also one of the easiest mods to do.