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E-Cigarettes in Cold Weather

I live in Montreal, Canada, which can get pretty cold here in the winter (think -30C with windchill!). As a result, my vaping experience changes when I’m outside in colder weather versus the warmer seasons. As a result, I’ve put together a little guide here to illustrate how various models of e-cigarettes have performed in different operating temperatures At 0C (32F) and below. In my year and a half experience of vaping, these results to be quite consistent across various e-cigarette brands that I’ve tried.

0C to 5C (32F-41F):

All e-cigarettes performed normally at 0C and above. However, with vapor condensation the clouds of vapor are larger than they would be at normal temperature.

-1C to -5C (30.2F-23F):

Vapor condensation generally increases, Initial puffs at this temperature are strong, but vapor hits quickly become weaker as the e-cigarette cools down with its surroundings.

-5C to -12C (23F-10.4F):

E-Cigarettes become difficult to use, providing relatively mild throat hits until a throat hit sensation is no longer noticeable. You may be able to get a few puffs in this weather, but not much at all.

-12C+ (10.4F and colder):

At these temperatures, vaping becomes nearly impossible. Due to the cold, your atomizer will have a difficult time warming up and will produce a very weak vapor. Additionally, the cold makes it hard to hold the e-cigarette for any period of time. At this temperature, its much better to simply hold off on vaping until you get indoors.

Feel free to leave comments regarding your use of e-cigarettes in cold weather!



E-Cigarettes Make a Great Christmas Gift!

As the holiday shopping season rapidly approaches, many people have starting thinking about gift ideas for their family, friends, or significant other. If someone you know is a smoker, it may be a great idea to get them an e-cigarette. There are a number of great e-cigarette brands on the market today, with a wide array of options and styles to suit every smoker’s needs. Ever since I switched from smoking to

E-Cigarettes Make a Great Christmas Gift!

e-cigarettes during New Years of 2010, I’ve been coughing less, feeling more energetic, and have also been able to vape indoors during the cold winter months. In addition, as time goes on I’ve noticed that many e-cigarette brands have been improving over time. Many e-cigarettes now come with great warranties in case anything happens to go wong. For example, both SmokeTip and SouthBeachSmoke have great warranties on their products just to name a few.

For those who are still unsure about e-cigarettes, Volcano’s Express Starter Kits make for great stocking stuffers, and offer a low-cost introduction to electronic cigarettes.

In addition, be prepared for some great Black Friday deals on e-cigarettes by visiting our coupon page! I plan to continually update the coupons page all throughout the holiday season in order for readers here on E-Cig Central to take advantage of the best holiday e-cigarette deals, so stay tuned! 








How-To: Clean a 510 E-Cig Atomizer

The following video demonstrates how to clean your 510 e-cigarette atomizer using denatured alcohol. Cleaning your atomizer will improve its lifespan along with vapor production, and I recommend cleaning your e-cigarette atomizer at least once every week if you’re a heavy vaper.

I’ve also heard that soaking your e-cig atomizer in coca-cola supposedly keeps it clean as well, but I have yet to try that method. If you know of any other good ways to clean your e-cigarette atomizer, be sure to share your tips in the comments section of this page!

How to Manual Drip with an M401 E-Cigarette

In order to save money on the cost of e-cigarette cartridges, many people (myself included) prefer to use what is known as the “drip method” of refilling e-cigarettes. The drip method involves dripping e-cigarette fluid directly on to the atomizer of your electronic cigarette, rather than replacing the cartridge. The advantage to using this method over replacing cartridges is that purchasing e-cig liquid in bulk can be much cheaper than buying the cartridges. However, you do run the risk of clogging up your atomizer (which can lead to atomizer problems) if you aren’t careful.

The guide will take you step by step through how to drip e-cig fluid on to your M401 atomizer. Using the drip method is one of the more basic e-cig mods you can do. It is highly recommended that you wear a pair of latex gloves to prevent getting e-cigarette fluid on your hands. This fluid contains nicotine, which can be absorbed through your skin.

My M401 e-cigarette with e-cig fluid

Once you have your M401 and some e-cig liquid nearby, it is now time to remove the existing M401 e-cigarette cartridge (its the brown part of the M401).  Just pull it off like the top of a marker, it should remove easily.  The photo below shows the section of the atomizer that you are going to want to drip your e-cigarette fluid on to.

Where the e-cigarette fluid must be placed

Holding the m401 e-cigarette with the LED facing the ground and the atomizer upwards, drip 1 drop of your e-cigarette fluid on to the atomizer. Let it soak in for a moment, and then put your cartridge back on. There is no need to replace the cartridge with a new one if it is dry, since the atomizer has already been coated with e-cig fluid. Repeat these steps whenever you feel that your M401 vapor production is starting to diminish.

My atomizer after dripping

This mod is one of many e-cigarette mods that can be performed, and it is also one of the easiest mods to do.

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