E-Cigarette Terms

The following are some terms and definitions in order to help you understand different words that may come up associated with e-cigarettes. I will work on adding more if necessary.

2-hole / 4-hole atomizer
You can sometimes hear about two or four-hole atomizers. This mean the number of air intake holes the atomizer has. This sometimes has an impact on how much “force” you need to draw from the e-cigarette. In some models the air-intake holes are clearly visible at the seam of the atomizer and the battery.

Analog cigarette
When talking about electronic (digital) cigarettes, a traditional tobacco cigarette is often called an analog cigarette.

Automatic / manual switch
There are e-cigarettes with two kinds of switches. Automatic version starts with air pressure or by sound when you start drawing. Manual version has a button which when pressed, starts the heating. In the picture below you’ll see a manual and a automatic version of Joye510 e-cigarette.

An M401 e-cigarette with e-cig fluid

The Atomizer is the component of the e-cigarette that vaporizes the e-liquid.

Cartridge (cart)
A Cartridge (also referred to as cart) is the part of the e-cigarette that contains the e-liquid. It also functions as a mouthpiece.

Cartomizer is a term for the combination of cartridge and atomizer. Using a cartomizer means that you’ll get a fresh atomizer every time you swap a cartridge. Cartomizers usually come pre-filled and are not meant to be refilled.

Cut off
The automatic shutdown feature on an e-cigarette is enabled  if you try to take excessively long puffs from your e-cigarette. This usually happens after 5-8 secong of inhaling. This cut off feature will prevent the atomizer from overheating.

Dipping is a method of adding e-liquid into a atomizer. This can only be done with atomizers that have a exposed wick. The wick is moistened by dipping it into a small amount of e-liquid. After this, you can use the e-cigarette without a cartridge for a short period of time.

Direct dripping
Direct dripping is dipping in reverse. You’ll moisten the atomizer wick by dropping a few drops of e-liquid directly into the atomizer. This is best done into a recessed atomizer but also works with exposed atomizers. After this, you can use the e-cigarette without a cartridge for a short period of time.

An e-cig starter kit

Disposable e-cigarette
Disposable e-cigarettes can be used for a few days after which it is discarded. The battery can not be recharged and the cartridge can not be refilled.

e-Cigarette (e-Cig, electronic cigarette, personal vaporizer)
E-cigarette is an alternative to a regular tobacco cigarette. E-cigarette is a battery-powered device that tries to imitate all the positive aspects of a regular cigarette but instead of smoke it produces vapor.

e-Liquid (e-juice, smoke juice)
E-liquid is a solution that is heated and vaporized inside the e-cigarette.

Micro-type e-cigarette is 50mm – 99mm long.

Mini-type e-cigarette is 116mm – 139mm long.

Mod / Modification
An e-cig mod is a modification done to a regular e-cigarette or completely homemade e-cigarette device/accessory.

PCC (Personal Charging Case)
PCC is a case where you can store and carry with some cartridges and atomizers and it will also re-charge your e-cigarette batteries on the go. With one charge of the PCC unit itself you can usually fully charge up to 3 or 4 e-cigarette batteries.

Penstyle type e-cigarette is 140mm – 160mm long. Penstyle name comes from the ballpoint pen-like appearance. Can also be called Classic or Standard.

These stand for Propylene Glycol, Polyethylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. These compounds are used as a base for e-liquids. By far the most common one is PG. Each have a different consistency and taste. PG is known to trigger allergic rections in some people and thats when the other compounds come handy.

Super mini
Super Mini-type e-cigarette is 100mm – 115mm long. Its also sometimes called just the “Super”.

Throat hit
Throat-hit means the sensation in the back of your throat when you inhale the vapor e-cigarette produces. Some e-liquids / e-cigarettes, produce a strong throat hit but some you can barely notice. High nicotine content e-liquids usually give the most intense throat-hit.

Topping off
Adding few drops of e-liquid into a cartridge is called topping off.

USB-passthru / USB-passthrough
USB-passthrough cable is connected to a USB port of a computer, video game console, portable power source etc. and a atomizer is connected to the other end of the cable. This allows continuous power supply for the e-cigarette. Passthroughs are available for almost every type of e-cigarette.

Vaper / vaporer
This is the equivalent to the word smoker

Vapor drop-off
This refers to a situation where the amount of vapor produced by the e-cigarette is significantly reduced. This may be due to a dry cartridge, low battery, worn or broken atomizer.

The general way of displaying the amount of nicotine in e-liquid seems to be milligrams in milliliter but originally this meant how many milligrams of nicotine per gram is in the e-liquid. This means that in a mini e-cigarette cartridge (about 0.40g liquid capacity), which is filled with 18mg e-liquid contains about 6mg of pure nicotine. As a milliliter of e-liquid weighs approximately a gram it does not make much difference which way you use.